Soft Line Indirect LED Lighting System, Featuring Soft Strip

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Soft Line Indirect LED Lighting System provides soft ambient illumination for decorative and architectural applications. The suspended aluminum channel is available with commercial-grade white (SS2C) or RGB Soft Strip, or with a combination of both. For compact shipment and storage, Soft Line coils like a retractable tape measure. When uncoiled, Soft Line becomes a 1.25" wide cupped, rigid channel that spans opposing walls, ceiling or floor surfaces. The field-cuttable channel allows custom lengths up to 40 feet. The cupped aluminum form contributes to the luminarie's structural rigidity, acts as a heat sink and shields system components from view. Adjustable turnbuckles support Soft Line, creating a 3-dimensional look that is as functional as it is visually interesting. Fixtures include a 5 year warranty.

Wherever an indirect light source can be used, including: indoor, kitchens, homes, offices, retail, hotels, clubs, displays, media room and conference rooms.

LED Soft Strip:
Version Watts
per Foot
per Watt
per Foot
24K, 35K,
40K, 57K
27K, 30K
50,000 Hour
Lamp Life
SL 2.5W 84 289*
SLD 5W 168 578**
Lumen values are based on the 3000K LED test.
*SL provides 34 footcandles at desktop when mounted 1ft from 9 ft ceiling at 4 ft on center.
**SLD provides 68 footcandles at desktop when mounted 1ft from 9 ft ceiling at 4 ft on center.

Power Supply:
24V ELV Power Supply Comparison Chart (.pdf)
PSB-60W-ELV-24VDC 120VAC input, 60 watt output
PSB-96W-010-24VDC 120-277VAC input, 96 watt output
PSB-100W-ELV-24VDC 120VAC input, 96 watt output
PSB-2X96W-010-24VDC 120-277VAC input, 2x96 watt output
PSB-2X100W-ELV-24VDC 120VAC input, 2x96 watt output

010 power supplies use 0-10V dimmer: Philips Sunrise SR1200ZTUNV.
ELV power supplies use ELV dimmer: Legrand, Adorne ADTP703TU;
Lutron: Diva DVELV-300P, Skylark SELV-300P, Maestro MAELV-600 and Radio Ra 2

Power Feed & Non-Power Feed Turnbuckles (included):
Turnbuckles support Soft Line on any angle from 0-60 degrees, feed power from one end and mount to a standard 4" square electrical junction box with round plaster ring. Turnbuckles may be reversed and mounted (opposite the power feed) to a ceiling, wall or floor.

Soft Line Standoff (sold separately):
Soft Line Standoff is a field-cuttable 24" long standoff that provides additional mounting options on opposing wall, ceiling or floor surfaces. Stem may be cut down to 4".

Product   Length   Finish
SLS - 24 - SA
SLS Soft Line Standoff   24 24"   SA Satin Aluminum
Product   Voltage   Length in Feet   Color Temperature   Finish
SL - 24V - FT - 30K - SA
SL Soft Line with Single Row of Soft Strip
SLD Soft Line with Double Row of Soft Strip
  24V 24 Volt   10 10 Feet
15 15 Feet
20 20 Feet
25 25 Feet
30 30 Feet
35 35 Feet
40 40 Feet
  24K 2400K Amber White
27K 2700K Very Warm White
30K 3000K Warm White
35K 3500K Neutral White
40K 4000K Cool White
57K 5700K Daylight White
  SA Satin Aluminum

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