Angle Display Sign, 24VDC System - 85+CRI

Angle Display Sign features a lambertian white diffuser that provides uniform light without hotspots. At 7.5 watts per foot, the 24 volt DC channel fixture contains very warm white or warm white 85+CRI LEDs and mounts 18" from wall. It may be ordered with a 4" round or square canopy that fits on a standard 4" square electrical box with round plaster ring. Angle Display may also be ordered with 2" square canopy or a special feed-thru stem for floating signs. Angle is powered by a Class 2 remote power supply up to 40 feet away. Available from 12 inches to 120 inches/10 feet. May be ordered in 3, 5, 8 or 10 inch increments. Fixtures include a 5 year warranty.

Satin Nickel, Chrome, Antique Bronze, Satin Aluminum, White or Satin Black
Custom finishes available

Wall wash and retail stores

Warm white (2700K or 3000K) LEDs, 85+CRI
36 lumens per watt (including power supply)
LED lamps consume 7.5 watts per foot

Average Lamp Life:
50,000 hours

Power Supply:
PSB-25W-010-24VDC 120VAC input, 25 watt output
PSB-96W-010-24VDC 120-277VAC input, 96 watt output
PSB-2X96W-010-24VDC 120-277VAC input, 192 watt output

Dimmable with 0-10V dimmer using power supplies above: Lightolier® Sunrise #ZP600FAM120, 0-10V dimmer recommended

Made in the USA


System   Wattage/Voltage   Canopy   Length in Inches   Color Temperature   Finish
AD - 7WDC - 4RD - 120IN - 27K - SN
AD Angle Display
  7WDC 7.5 Watt 24 Volt DC   2SQ 2.8" Square
4RD 4.6" Round
4SQ 4.6" Square
FTP Feed-Through Power Stem
  12-120 Order in 12 inch increments up to 120 inches
May be ordered in 3, 5, 8 or 10 inch increments
  27K 2700K Very Warm White
30K 3000K Warm White
  SA Satin Aluminum
SN Satin Nickel
CH Chrome
BZ Antique Bronze
BK Satin Black
WH White